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Performance Marketer is here to make you more money by providing clarity and guidance in the often confusing world of online marketing.

Our team is led by Anton Kraly (pictured below) who has been building, buying, and selling online assets since 2007. His company started off building eCommerce businesses and eventually began creating information product businesses as well.

Since the beginning, we have been dedicated ​to the pursuit of knowledge. Whether it be through online courses, business conferences, Facebook Groups, or online forums, we are always on the lookout for new ways to increase traffic, conversions, and sales.  
We do not just learn. We deploy all of our resources and take massive action. We then document our results to share with you.

How the Performance Marketer Process Works:
  • Brainstorm New Idea to Increase Traffic, Sales, or Conversions
  •  Gather Team and Create a Plan of Action
  •  Execute on Plan
  •  Gather Data / Track Results
  •  Test Variants of Original Plan
  •  Determine Winner
  •  Create SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to Document Best Practices
  •  Share Results and SOP With the Performance Marketer community
We currently invest over $100,000 / month into these "Marketing Experiments". PerformanceMarketer.com is where we share our results via our blog, our forum, and our online courses
Lead Value Optimization 
We firmly believe in the abundance mindset - there is more then enough to go around.  

If you're interested in improving your marketing abilities here are two easy steps that will get you started:

Step 1: Watch This Video on Lead Value Optimization
We love marketing, plan and simple. We are constantly thinking about marketing and that is why we constantly seek out the newest marketing strategies and share those actionable insights regardless of weather or not you decide to buy anything from us.  

That is why we make content like this, so we can keep in touch with marketers who are interested in the same softwares, techniques, and knowledge. 

Now that you know what type of content we provide for free you're ready for step 2!
The Performance Marketer Vault
Step 2: Consider joining the Performance Marketer Vault
If you are serious about improving your marketing, look no further. We are constantly building our library of advanced marketing tools, training courses, and a community of experts. 
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