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on September 09/14/17
8 Quick Ways to Segment Your Email List
Why do segmented campaigns consistently out-perform non-segmented campaigns? You'll be targeting your subscribers with the right message at the right time, and you won’t send the same contact too many emails. If you're looking for new ways to segment your growing email list, he...
on September 09/07/17
5 Secrets About Lead Magnets You Should Know
Lead magnets are a must for all types of businesses. Online or offline, both can create lead magnets to bring in new customers or subscribers, but only when executed properly. This guide will share some of the most beneficial lead magnet secrets most marketers forget. We'll also ...
on August 08/31/17
11 Ways Businesses Use Scarcity Marketing
Scarcity marketing is a powerful psychological-based tactic. When used correctly, it can give your sales a real boost. While we’ve talked a lot about the different variations of scarcity marketing in the past, we have new examples of scarcity to help you brainstorm some fresh i...